Q. Can you choose the colour of the polished concrete?
A. Yes however if you want to polish the concrete of an existing slab then you are limited usually to whatever is already in the concrete. Your only real option if you don’t like the colour of the cement is to put a colour dye over the top.
If you are pouring a new slab you can choose the colour of your cement and the colour of your stone (aggregate). There are a number of concrete suppliers web sites you can visit ie: www.holcim.com.au

Q. What does polished concrete cost?
A. It is usually worked out on a square meter rate and price again depends on the procedure ie: – grind & seal or hyperfloor, the level of exposure and the condition of concrete etc.
It is best to ask us for a quote. Any jobs that are under 40m2 are usually quoted on a job rate rather than cost per square meter.

Q. Can I have polished concrete in wet areas? Shower bases etc?
A. Yes it is common, but we would recommend doing a grind & seal instead of a hyperfloor. With the grind & seal the topical sealant will be watertight so no water penetrates into the concrete.

Q. Is there much mess or dust after the concrete polishing procedure?
A. No, when doing the main grind there is very little dust in the air as we use high-grade dust extractors. There is a minimal amount of dust created if required to use hand grinders. After each step during the procedure the floor is cleaned and on completion there is no mess or dust to be seen.

Q. Do you pour the slab?
A. No, we generally just do the polishing or grinding, however we do have some concreters that we work closely with and can recommend to you.

Q. What about cracks in the concrete?
A. Part of our grouting procedure can actually fill in small cracks, if you choose a hyperfloor the procedure actually hardens the top surface by up to 10 times its natural strength. If any cracks do appear we can generally repair them. However it is concrete and you can never guarantee that it won’t crack.

Q. How long does the concrete polishing procedure take?
A. Depending on your required finish the process could take a few days, however at the end of each day you can still walk on floor and remain on the premises. For new builds we can split the process in 2 stages (open slab & after build) which is less disruptive.

Q. How do I clean my polished concrete?
A. The best way to keep your polished concrete in good condition is to use a ph neutral cleaner followed by clean water for spills, otherwise a dry microfiber mop will get rid of dust.