Polished concrete is considered a sustainable design flooring option and it utilises materials that are already present in your floor. As most buildings are on a concrete slab, revealing the aggregate within eliminates the need to apply a floor covering. New concrete has a range of decorative mixes, using almost any colour combination of aggregate with cement to create a desired style or theme.

Polished concrete floors are seamless, durable, low-maintenance and are allergy free – no foreign substances such as dust mite. Hardened true polished concrete floors have an extremely long life expectancy.


NEW Build - best done in 2 phases

PHASE 1 - Grind the concrete to the desired level of exposure
Grinding takes place after the slab has cured. A coating is then applied to provide some protection to the concrete. This will take approximately 2 days for a standard 3x2 house.

PHASE 2 - Polish
The property requires to be at ‘lock up’, protected from the elements with all ceilings and walls completed. Various processes are undertaken to provide a suitable surface that will achieve the desired sheen at completion. Phase 2 will take approximately 3-4 days for a standard 3x2 house. Cabinet installation, skirting boards and final painting should be done after the floor is finished.


Polishing the floor of an existing building is a process which takes up to 4 days
The grinding of all edges has to be done with hand tools. Variables that need to be taken into consideration for existing concrete are the slab colour and the aggregate range it contains. It is advisable to do a sample so you know what your existing slab consists of.



Burnished concrete, also known as a surface polish with little to no stone exposure. Often this is chosen because of the integrity of the original concrete slab. After the concreter has laid the slab and it is cured/hard enough we clean the surface and polish the existing concrete. This creates a creamy, smooth, neutral tone throughout the floors without any aggregate exposure.

Burnished concrete is becoming an increasingly popular design choice in homes across the country, due to its efficient timeline and effective finish throughout the home. This option is most popular with new builds as 80% of the final look comes from the original concrete pour.



Our veneer was developed in house after years of crafting the perfect finish. We developed the product specifically to be applied over a concrete surface that was not completely finished by the original concreter to the required level of quality to achieve a burnish finish or to change the colour.

As 80% of the final look in burnished concrete comes from how well the concreter finishes the original concrete pour, we were constantly getting problems. This is when we developed a solution that would create the concrete effect despite the original finish. Even better, this also can be applied to fiber cement sheeting, which is perfect for walls and other feature surfaces.